ANKI App gets an update


You’ll likely be aware that we’re huge fans of the A.I. driven app controlled racing system by the name of Anki Overdrive. We’ve put a fair few miles in over the past few months and often had one major frustration with the set-up. Each time you wanted to begin a race the cars had to perform a scan each and every time before you could start, an app update does away with this and we’re thrilled. If you haven’t altered the track you can just hit  the “same track” button and the cars will immediately line up at the start. Also in this update are a couple of modifier options for use in open play mode,  “Balance Cars” and “One Shot”. Trigger the Balance Car option and all upgrades will be removed from each commander, so every driver is on a level pegging. The One Shot modifier gives each commander on the track a golden gun where one well-aimed shot will disable their opponent’s vehicle, it takes a tad longer to reload so use it well, the sound effect for this weapon is awesome.


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