3,2,1 – Cornwall, we have lift-off.

The modified Boeing 747 plane, named "Cosmic Girl", will take off from Spaceport Cornwall in southwest England.

Tonight, from Spaceport Cornwall (a part of Newquay airport) Virgin will launch the country’s first horizontal rocket, a modified Boeing 747 called Cosmic Girl, into space from Newquay well after nightfall this evening. The modified Boeing called Cosmic Girl will take off with the LauncherOne rocket beneath its wing, fly up to 35,000ft then let go of the rocket which will put nine satellites into orbit at an altitude of 555km.  Watch it HERE  – Get involved in rocket “launchery” at a significant discount to the cash being spent this evening with one of these :


New HYPR Rocket packs have soft tipped rockets that are launched by stomping on the air pad. A patent system for a switch on the rocket’s platform allows the child to choose Turbo or non-Turbo modes, sending the rockets to incredible heights. Set for lift off in spring 2023 and launching first with the HYPR Rocket 500, Wow! Stuff says the HYPR 500 is “the fastest, farthest flying toy rocket in its category”.

Another LEGO set


Brick Story set – Only £27 squid!

ESTES 1427, electronic ignition.


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