Monthly Archives: March 2021

We’re celebrating Outdoor play – you in?

The Outdoor toy category had a blinder in 2020 contributing double digit growth in its category and helping the very healthy UK toy market to a bumper year. Now, we’ll not rattle on about the benefits of outdoor play, we love a console game, Nintendo Switch head-to-head battle, yes please. …

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What a week that was – bring it on again anytime.

We’ve had fun this past week, plenty of it, we celebrated Mr Benn with the Daily Mirror, happy 50th to the legendary bowler hat adventurer. Then we got stuck in across all kinds of media around the actual non-story about Mr Potato Heads re-branding – slow news week or media …

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Dog gone good stacking game for canine fans

Yup, slow news day for us at Toyology Towers. This is called Dogsaster, its cheap and very cheerful. Jenga-esque with 15 puppies to precariously place atop each other – Course you want one, THIS way please.

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