Monthly Archives: March 2019

Best-selling UK car? Fiat? Fiesta? think again….

Designed by an ex Chrysler car-parts designer the Cozy Coupe was the car that broke all the rules on design back in 1979 namely that they should be low and long. Celebrating being 40 years young in 2019 this Northampton car dealership took delivery last week of the UK’s best-selling …

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Celebrating St Davids day with Dragon training fodder

Celebrating the first day of Spring yes but more importantly the legend that is St David. Load up with facts HERE but take this one for your Welsh themed pub quizzing later – The nickname ‘Taffy’ for a Welshman comes from St David. It comes from Dafydd, Welsh for David.   …

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Pokémon beckons the first day of Spring with their very own Easter Bunny (plus Tree Monkey & Cowardly Lizard)

The announcement of a new generation of Pokémon has always been a momentous occasion for us ‘Game Freaks’ and this year’s ‘Pokémon Day’ Nintendo Direct certainly lived up to the hype.  The 7 minute video was packed with new treasures- A brand new world to explore (based on our very …

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