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LEGO Chat bot to assist in sourcing your brick based gift

LEGO chatbot

The’ve named him Ralph, the new chat bot is working on Facebook Messenger and ready to assist sourcing your LEGO gifts. Ralph, their Facebook Messenger Chat Bot, is on hand, with multiple choice questions, to help you pick a present and he is pretty handy at giving out free shipping too. Via …

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Top toys for Christmas 2017 – In cinematic format

Toyology TV

We’ve seen, over the course of the past few months, top toy lists aplenty. Instead of having a moan about the contents of these lists or indeed congratulating certain elements within them the Toyology team decided to bunker down and debate creating our own TopToys for Christmas list. And so, …

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Robotic reptiles anyone?

robo alive lizard

The Robo alive brand has thus far brought us various water-activated realistic fish and turtles too, splendid bath time fun and we’ve taken a handful on holiday too and been amused by our antics beside the hotel pool. Two new creatures in the form of the Slithering Snake and Lurking …

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No avoiding the cricket – embrace it with a game


Cricket in a bag The Ashes are upon us, no avoiding it in the news, time to embrace the willow, wicket and seam (sic) interested for a few weeks. Load yourself up with some cricketing terms and not be stumped as the banter gets lively as we give the Australians …

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Cutting right through the Star Wars toy chaff – The Jedi training ball is the dogs undercarriage

jedi training ball

“Too many Star Wars toys out there there are” as one little green man whose name rhymes with soda never ever said. Hard to disagree with these wise words though is it not? We’ve championed a few, and, ahead of the pre-xmas release of the new film, have a few …

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Lightseekers: Boulder & Zyrus – The new boys on the block are pure rock & scroll


Having just finished a gargantuan, glowing review of Lightseekers HERE, you can imagine my glee when the two new boys appeared on the doorstep. 8 hours later, it was 2am and I had to shut off the iPad – Lightseekers Awakening had stolen yet another evening. The two newbies are …

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Hot Wheels Drone Racerz – Three ways to play      

  Since eyeing this new innovation from Bladez Toys earlier this year we’ve been eager to get our hands on a starter set, well worth the wait. Inside is a Hot Wheels track compatible car, mini drone and these can be put together to create a win-propelled racing machine. The …

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Lightseekers – The triple threat that promises the world – but has it spread itself too thin?


Last year Play Fusion soared passed their Kickstarter target and set off with just over a quarter-of-a-million dollars to make good on some very lofty promises. Fast forward almost exactly a year and, having teamed up with Tomy,  their offering, Lightseekers is out in the public and making waves. So …

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DreamToys 2017: A dozen toys, some of them on Santa’s Nice List

Stretch Armstrong - Kind of!

Toyology’s own Toyologist and Toyminator deep dived into DreamToy’s 2017 Christmas event earlier this week. The central London event, packed out with the most sought after toys, Santa on hand (seemingly awake early from his annual nap) to guide us through the list. Surprisingly, he didn’t seem at all phased …

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