Monthly Archives: October 2017

New records are set, Rubik’s champions bask in speed cubing glory

Granted a Royal Charter in 1281 to hold a weekly market and annual fair the town of Stevenage again made the record books at the weekend. Competitors from the four corners attempted a multitude of Rubik cube based disciplines including solve the cube in under 10 seconds, use your feet and completing …

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Awesome Little Green Men – can this self-proclaimed praise be justified?

Awesome little green men

Get those flicking fingers ready, MGA Entertainment have started an all out war and your penny sliding abilities are the only thing standing between you and victory. ‘Awesome Little Green Men’ are the latest in a long line of collectible figurines that utilise a colossal roster and a blind bag …

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Bring the UpsideDown into your front room – Stranger Things games are here

Stranger Things Monopoly

The moment is almost upon us, Stranger Things 2 gets aired tomorrow on Netflix and, well, the streets will be empty. Ideal timing for our goggle-boxes this new series if the perfect way to kick off your Halloween season and, if you’ve not seen the first series, binge watch that. …

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Giant Meccano Liver bird finds next outside shopping centre

Liver bird made from Meccano in Liverpool

  The winged creature synonymous with the city of Liverpool has existed in one guise or another since the 13th century. There are in fact pub quiz facts a plenty to be found on the Wikipedia page dedicated to said creature. This here is the world’s largest Liver Bird, entirely made …

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Play the mountain mining game with Hape

Hape Mighty Mountain Mine

Not a single flashing light nor any digital sounds the Hape Mighty Mountain is as analogue as the Austrian Alps. Certainly wooden toys have seen a resurgence of late, many bigger toy retailers showcasing their own lines of value created from lumber. There are however a couple of outfits who …

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Women of NASA celebrated in brick

lego nasa

Under the headline “Ladies rock outer space” LEGO fan designer Maia Weinstock presented her idea for a Women of NASA LEGO set to LEGO Ideas. It made it through the process and as of 1st November you can buy one yourself. As a science editor and writer, with a strong …

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My Little Pony – see the film buy the stuff

my little pony

And so it is the kids break up for half-term, well they’ve been working five days a week for like six hours a day for, well, six weeks or so, they must be shattered. So, any plans for entertaining the junior troops as yet anyone? Holidays to far-flung destinations, caravan …

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Revolutionise your brick based play with Mayka Tape

Mayka Tape

If you, like me, have opted to shun traditional sprucing approaches in your abode such as vases and paintings in favour of knick-knacks and “Collector’s Items”, then you’ve also probably got a storage issue. With shelves buckling under the weight of Die-Cast-this and Never-Un-Boxed-that, the room of a Toy Aficionado …

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Bella Italia and Hasbro in cahoots with activity sheets

Nerf and Pony

My Little Pony and NERF Nitro brands from Hasbro have teamed up with the new look kids menus from Bella Italia Restaurants and are launching 200,000 co-branded activity sheets. Across 108 of their restaurants these sheets will also contain some rather decent competitions. An absolute lifesaver for parents who want …

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