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X-rated for a reason – This laser battle kit is the dogs undercarriage

LAser X

Fancy some futuristic warfare in your front room? Then strap-on these and get involved in some Laser X action. This evolution of the laser-tag industry is sleek and refreshingly affordable, just £49.99 for this two-pack and everything you’ll need to start battling your nearest and dearest. There’s Infrared beams, flashing …

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NERF finds another use for the recreational foam

nerf nitro

The latest arrival on the ever changing projectile scene from Hasbro’s crack NERF team is the Nitro range, as much a departure from the “normal” NERF dart as we’ve seen, RIVAL included. these ones aren’t designed to be taking potshots at people. Load up your NERF Nitro blaster and send …

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BB-8 sent into space BB-9E is gutted


Argos sent a toy droid into space recently, footage has just been received at Toyology Towers and, yes, here it is. The point was to celebrate their new Last Jedi toy range so we’re scratching our heads as to why it wasn’t BB-9E that took the trip, but anyway. The BB8 …

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Charades with words anyone?

Word Slam 2

What if you and your friends had a vocabulary of just 105 basic words? That’s the starting point for this deceptively simple-looking game… The words are printed on identical sets of cards, so two teams can search for useful language at the same time. The aim is to race through …

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Animals with attitude – Feisty Pets are all Jeckyll and Hyde-like

Glenda Glitter Poop Unicorn Pro HR

Introducing you to the Feisty Pets, they’ve been in my life for some time, Glenda Glitterpoop was the first and despite an initial lukewarm response from our resident plush expert I acquired the set. Suckerpunch dog pottymouth cat, Sir growls-a-lot, black-belt Bobby and Karl the snarl completes the line-up of …

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slither plush

One of the success stories of 2017 the game has been around since March last year, this massively multiplyer browser game got its app debut more recently and user numbers are off the scale. For those just back from an Outer Mongolian break the game involves a snake-like creature …

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BB-9E joins the Astromech line-up in the next Star Wars outing

BB8 and BB9-E

Move over BB8 there’s a new kid in town! 2015 saw many of us amazed at the new astromech droid. How is it cuter than R2-D2? How on earth does its head stay on? Two years later, BB8 is commonplace amongst Star Wars merch and just when he was resting …

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LEGO City into the Jungle

lego ej3

Picking up where last year’s volcano series leaves off, LEGO City’s newest range invites you to explore the jungle, dodge deadly critters and discover lost treasure… Six sets depict everything from temple ruins to a plane wreck, with a variety of new minifigs, animals and vehicles. The ‘Halftrack Mission’  (LEGO …

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Star Wars recreated, Cantina included


  Celebrating all things Force Friday last night and getting hand-on with all the new toys, a few interstellar cocktails and mingling with some well-known faces – Thanks John Lewis and Thanks for the awesome video Tiny Ginger Studios.

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