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There’s a Unicorn in my bath

And there could be one in yours very shortly. Not just any unicorn, one that’s offers a soothing glow, activated as soon as its belly hits the H2O. The colour hues through which it cycles represent all of those from the rainbow and a few others that only true unicorn …

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Pack the pigs

Pass The Pig Giant_Pigs

Derived from the rather dull dice game called Pig these now asymmetrical objects offer much more comedic value, a very decent quick pick-up-and-play game and zero educational value – That is a summer holiday winner my pork loving, game-playing people. The standard travel set, pigs, scoring paper, pencils and sturdy carry-case …

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Light bulb features a flamingo and tropical tree

Inside this lightbulb you shall see a flamingo and a palm tree, this far in life we’ve only seen a light shade with such a display. This 40w E27 220 bulb number uses these iconic items as the actual element which glows in a neon-like green and pink – Now …

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Fold-tastic creatures

You can choose from Bears, Rhinos. Elks, Penguins, sharks and of course there is a Unicorn too.  All you need is some money (of course), glue and some patience – This WAY please.

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Brilliance of board games celebrated with a trio of awards

Spiel Des Jahres 2017

Heads are likely pounding today post the celebrations at the HQ of Pegasus Spiel were awarded the most prestigious “Spiel des Jahres 2017- Game of the year that is, quite an achievement, huge congratulations. The game of Kingdomino takes the classic elements of dominoes, puts beautiful countryside themed art onto …

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Pick a face – Its emoji day

It is World Emoji Day today dontcha know? There is an award ceremony too called the 2017 World Emoji Awards so go cast your vote and help determine the winner of Best New Emoji, Most Anticipated Emoji, or new Lifetime Achievement Award.Winners announced live from the New York Stock Exchange VOTE HERE Love …

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Somewhere over the….

You guessed it you musical genius. This pair of neon rainbow lights come complete with a pot of gold•, they aren’t super bright but designed to add a rainbow-like ambience to your abode. Small on is £25 and battery powered, larger one £50 and needs plugging in the mains. A …

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I’m a little unicorn short and stout…

…tip me up and pour me out! Remember that rhyme kiddies? Ok, time to transform your PG tips into an magical potion, pop the teabag inside and fill with water and wait. After 90 seconds, scientifically proven perfect time for breakfast tea, lift up the rainbow mane handle and pour …

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Board gaming boosted – Beasts of Balance adds battle mode

We’ve been playing Beasts of Balance for a few months, it is highly remiss of us not to have shared our gameplay experience with you. Today we have been soundly reminded of our forgetfulness as news arrived that an expansion pack is on the way. So, Beasts of Balance, it is …

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Whats a Flamingo doing here?

Yes, we may well ask ourselves the same thing..but don;t need to as we already have the answer. In the fabled world of the elusive Unicorn we believe that Uniceers (people seeking the legendary beast) should look close to flamingo habitats. These strangely beautiful birds, we are certain, have close …

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