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Ultimate Lightning McQueen revealed – scaled automotive excellence arrives ahead of Cars 3

If you could reach into the screen and grab yourself a Lightning McQueen, yanking it from all its pixelated glory and having that comedic car come alive in front of your face in the physical –would you? No need, Sphero have done it for you. Yes the robotic Bluetooth ball …

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Rory’s cubes take on Kickstarter – the story telling dice play is almost past the post

Since 2008 we’ve been fans of the storytelling cubes, enjoyed watching small minds explore storytelling with the aid of these superb sets. More recently The Creativity Hub moved into licensing, Moomins, Batman and Dr Who amongst some fine cube sets to set minds on weird and wonderful tale telling adventures. …

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Ghostbusters and Playmobil are here to cross the beams

Venturing into the licensing space PLAYMOBIL have unleashed their Ghostbusters sets, half a dozen of them, and we say a big hurrah. The new sets include the famous Firehouse Headquarters, Ecto-1 and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, plus Spengler and Ghost, Slimer with Hot Dog Stand and Venkman and Terror Dogs. …

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Transformers toys rolling in

Fans of the franchise are in for a treat this summer as the latest instalment arrives on the big screen in June – Transformers, The Last Knight. Over the years there has been a decent offering of merchandise, in terms of the amount. In the early days a premium die-cast …

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May the Fourth be with you – Star Wars Day is upon us

There are bigger fans of Star Wars than me, some dress up, have considerable collections of memorabilia/toys and such, I’m just an everyday fan. Since the multi-billion-dollar deal between Lucas and Disney there have been some decent films and merchandise to-boot. This year-round obsession however by the Wall Street listed …

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LEGO launches Apollo 11 Saturn V model and it is B.I.G.

It was a few years back that Felix Stiessen and Valerie Roche put their Saturn V rocket on the LEGO Ideas and a year later in 2015 it achieved the 10,00 votes needed to move into formal consideration. Then, in 2016 LEGO gave it the thumbs up, made their own …

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