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Forza taps into nostalgic thrills

There are far too many video game review sites out there doing s spanking job and we can only wonder at their collective gasps this week with the news that the best racing game is getting an injection of Hot Wheels.  The Hot Wheels addition is arriving in the for …

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Already fast and furious actually becomes Fast & Furious

We love slot-car racing, we’re even bigger fans of slot-free racing, we are massive fans of A.I. powered set-up Anki. If you wanted to punish us for something you couldn’t do much more sever than take our OVERDRIVE set away. So, finally, after an achingly long wait, they’ve actually signed …

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Mr Gorilla still has a way to go in the London Marathon

Mr Gorilla is STILL crawling the London Marathon three days after the race began and he reckons he should complete the course by Saturday. Mr Gorilla is a chap called Tom Harrison and completing the 26.2 mile course “gorilla-style” on his hands and knees. All in aid of The Gorilla Organisation, …

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Put some needles on those records – Record Store Day is upon us

A decade ago some wise men and women decided to set up a celebratory day to extol the virtues of vinyl. It has seen the fortunes of independent record shops transformed, owners of the same revered for their wares and sales of players of said format shooting stratospheric. For us, …

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Hot Wheels takes to the slot based tracks

Hot Wheels takes to the slot based tracks Allowing gravity to do its bidding with your Hot Wheels cars is fun,whether that be across a flat expanse aided along with some of your own muscle power, down an incline of your own finding or on one of the many track …

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Crayola crayon naming competition gets the Twitter treatment

When you need something naming it is of course natural to turn to social media, get your fans to do the naming for you, well create an avalanche of suggestions at least. And so thank you Crayola for asking for help in naming your new crayon, although we still can’t …

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