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It’s Morphin Time!

Saban Entertainment unleashed the Power Rangers last weekend and it is doing rather well. The big budget exceeded expectations and opened with $40mns big budget debut exceeded expectations grossing $40m on its US opening weekend. It cost over $100mn to make so it has some ground still to go and …

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Fly swatting simulation with Simon Optix

Inspired perhaps to create this version of the ever-popular colour memorising game from the world of VR headsets this Optix set doesn’t require a smartphone to get in the game. Don your sleek looking futuristic spectacle wear and identify the colour sequence using hand gestures. on-board motion sensors track if you’ve …

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Robotic showdown RC style

Time to stop whatever you’re up to, speed read through this positive portrayal of this mini-remote-control-robot-set and get thee to the buy button. This is the most perfect way to settle any office disputes, pool/foosball/ping-pong tables are so very last week. Each of the bots on offer has three pieces …

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Hairband based hilarity is here

We’ve played our fair share of fast paced, quick and frantic grabby style games these past few months, never ceasing to wonder what “they” will com up with next. Dobble was an incredible success last year and with minimal TV advertising shifted over 375,ooo units, The Sock Game (one of …

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Paper based Pinball

Budding scientist or engineer in the house? This book based pinball play system comes with a 32 page book as well as all the bits to make your own machine.  Using the pinball machine to look at many of sciences theories including resistance, mass, friction and gravity. All the sciency …

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Swings out, Scooters in – Inflation basket updated

A taste for gin and lactose-free drinks have been revealed as items we Brits are discovering a taste for. The updated 2017 basket of goods which the Office of National statistics uses to calculate Inflation in the UK (Consumer Price Index CPI) Other new additions included kids scooters, bike helmets, …

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