Monthly Archives: September 2016

A new Spin on things

Razor crazy Cart

Since 2014 the Crazy Cart family of ride-ons has had us grinning like grinny things, this latest in the line-up has done something we didn’t think possible – lost the lift-up drift bar. The chap in charge of new initiatives at Razor, Ali Kermani, told us “We noticed most kids …

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This is the shop that Bricks built

Lego Store

We knew it was coming but didn’t know exactly when, now we do, it’s the 17th of November, plenty of time to lighten the wallets of tourists passing through Leicester Square later this year. The Danish brick outfit are making this the biggest LEGO retail outfit on the planet covering …

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Jump Around


  It is time to get up and active, this day is #fitnessday with @_ukactive, calling couch bound console gamers to slip on those trainers and get off your backsides. We’re not a bunch of triathletes here at Toyology Towers, running for the bus and carrying heavy bags from toy shop …

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