Monthly Archives: August 2016

Happy birthday to hue

crayola logo

For one-hundred years the iconic colouring brand has been amongst us, its early life as an industrial pigment outfit, but soon finding its way into the hands of kids looking to make their marks on wallpapers across the planet. As a kid I remember some of the iconic colours (and …

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Lazy play for the bank holiday

Monopoly Hasbro

It’s been a long week has it not? The approach into an extended weekend always feeled a little laboured, but friday is indeed upon us and it is time to kick back. For us the notion of lounging horizontally and doing totally nothing is alien indeed, we like to be kept …

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Real Life Lightsabers on the way


There are plans afoot it would appear to bring the Lightsaber to life, minus the ability to sever limbs. Disney have a patent application in for an “Audience Interaction Projection System” to give visitors to its Star Wars theme park a chance to have a hands-on with how one would look, feel …

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Tails that are unexpected

Foxy Tail

Finally, someone invented a moving animal tail for us humans to wear so we could mimic their emotions in wag form. Forget about showing others how you feel with facial emotion, well not completely, but accentuate your mood with a tail shimmy.  With a remote secreted in your pocket choose …

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Table Tennis any time/place


Originating in Victorian England, the game of Table Tennis has also been known as Whiff-Whaff as well of course as Ping-Pong. Created by British officers in India with rudimentary sets being brought back to Blighty these were turned into a commercial enterprise by both Jaques and Parker and the game has seen a resurgence …

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Best Technic yet?


The largest LEGO Technic set so far, a set we’ve hankered after since seeing it way back in January. This 3,900 plus piece set is based on what is the largest bit of engineering kit on the planet. The Bucket wheel excavator, a surface mining machine is a behemoth and …

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A Mazing Games


Launched in this, the 30th year since the film was made Labyrinth The Board game, endorsed by Jim Henson is arriving with us later this summer. Gameplay has Sarah trying to defeat Bowie/ Jareth and his Labyrinth or perhaps the the Goblin King turns little Toby into a goblin baby – …

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