Yearly Archives: 2016

Avoid Monopoly mayhem by dialling the Hasbro helpline


Aiming to prevent the annual board game feuding this year Hasbro have launched a helpline for folks and boldly aim to assist in avoiding bust-ups. Research revealed that 6pm on Christmas Day is the most likely time for tensions over the MONOPOLY board and so the bosses have set up a …

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Christmas play

xmas game

If you’re in the market for a new Boxing day boredom buster you’ll find plenty of new titles around. You really do not need to risk the rage of that property trading game. We reckon you’ll be hard pushed to fall out with this festive game in play. The Very …

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Unicorn inflate-a-fable


  Until you have this Unicorn in your life you’ll not realise how very much you needed it, yes needed. Ours arrived (un-inflated before you wonder) and after not so much manual huffing and puffing stood magnificently at seven feet tall from floor to the tip of its cone. Have …

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Five – All grown up

Five on Brexit Island

The famous Enid Blyton Five have gone and grown up now, Julian, George, Dick, Anne (and Timmy) have aged (rather well) and collaborated on modern day themes to bring us a collection of these four titles – Five Go Gluten Free, Five Go On A Strategy Away Day, Five Go …

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Interactive Bat isn’t Nocturnal


Far from and Hammer House horror type manoeuvres the only insatiable appetite that Nocto has is for his AA batteries, load it up with those copper tops from the bunny drumming adverts and it’ll go on for decent amount of time. Anyway, what can Nocto do now he is powered …

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Taking flight


  This week the long awaited additions arrived out-of-the-box and ready for some piloting time as Parrot unveiled their latest line up of mini-drones. Adding to an impressive extension in this category of fun revealed last year with nine new drones was going to be a big ask, the French …

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Copycats strike – But do we care?


Everyone was looking to replicate the runaway success of the 2015 party game title Pie Face this year, Hasbro today announced a record earning, all time best ever turnover for Q3 this year, helped in no small part by the virality of some of its wares. Early this year they …

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Motor down Memory Lane


Iconic Die-Cast brand Corgi celebrates being 60 years young this year and is shouting out to fans to help it compile the Ultimate Top Ten Corgi Models. Jump onto their website HERE and register your treasured toy and in November the top 20 will be revealed online and then everyone …

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Ruxpin set for a return

Teddy Ruxpin

Back in the late 80’s a toy appeared on the scene that took the very latest in music technology and shoved it into the back of a teddy bear, the technology was the humble tape cassette and Teddy Ruxpin was the recipient of a player in its back. The animatronic bear …

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A new Spin on things

Razor crazy Cart

Since 2014 the Crazy Cart family of ride-ons has had us grinning like grinny things, this latest in the line-up has done something we didn’t think possible – lost the lift-up drift bar. The chap in charge of new initiatives at Razor, Ali Kermani, told us “We noticed most kids …

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