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Dangermouse Stamps – Get some!

Danger Mouse Stamps

We bring you amazing and fantastic news from Danger Mouse HQ regarding the International super spy and his Royal Mail association. An A4 stamp sheet portrays ten scenes from the iconic series with all the characters to boot. Penfold, colonel K, Baron Greenback characters included. The A4 sheet portrays ten scenes from the world …

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Instant Magician “Just like that”


Describing itself as ‘the future of magic’ Marvin’s iMagic is possibly marking the beginning of the UK’s leading magic brand into the world of fortune telling too? Marvin’s iMagic interactive Box of Tricks combines props, video effects and an app to give you a bunch of tricks that are generally …

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Trench Run time


Paying homage to quite possibly one of the most iconic moments in cinematic history, The Trench Run, is Boom Boom Balloon The Death Star version. Those unfamiliar with the original you place an inflatable at the centre and, taking turns rolling the dice, clicking the blunted prongs into the sphere, until it can take …

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Reigning Champion


With 63 years and 216 days under her crown, Queen Elizabeth II is, as of now, the UK’s longest reigning Monarch. As well as seeing 13 Prime ministers in the UK and 12 US presidents come/go figures released earlier say, directly and otherwise the royals contribute in excess of £40bn to …

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Force Awakens playthings that fell under the radar


  Much hype there was this friday past with the Disney embargo for the first wave of toy launches finally lifted. This was accompanied by an unprecedented global unboxing event online, late night store openings across the planet, media coverage a plenty and excitement levels akin to those of Christmas. The overwhelming …

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Harris and the Hamster – Littlest pet shop hilarity with Hasbro


One is an anchor for Fox News the other the hamster friend of Littlest Pet Shop toy Benson Detwyler, a terrier. The former is suing toy maker Hasbro for over $5 million of their sale of the toy that shares her name and, one which Harris Faulkner says, resembles her. The resemblances she claims …

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Bricks sent into space

Space Lego

The profits of the mighty LEGO company in the six months to the end of June 2015 rose an impressive 27% from a year earlier to 4.6bn kroner (£455m). LeEGO told us that revenue increased by at least 10% in all regions, with Asia experiencing the most rapid growth. Everything in their …

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Epic Scalextric set snagged for over Ten Grand


Dominos ex-delivery boy outbids others for his Scalextric Ultimate Track designed by Martin Brundle, with over £11,000 going to Children in Need. Yes, one Mr James Swift, a 39 year old Dominos Franchisee based in Swindon, this weekend outbid other Scalextric fans at CarFest South to win the track. “I began working …

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