Monthly Archives: January 2015

Storage solution in just two moves

You could just set this oversized Rubik cube in any corner and marvel at how this inanimate object becomes a talking point near every time someone new sees it. Measuring in at 45cm each way round the lid lifts off for storage and pops back on to create a rather …

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LEGO lovers rejoice

A new club has opened its doors, and you should be very excited if you a) have a fleeting fancy for the Danish brick b) love your LEGO and treat yourself occasionally to a new set or c) are an avid builder and can’t get enough sets, often spending household …

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Double Decker from the Danes

he Double Decker Couch is here, model number 70818 to enhance your enquiry and mark you out as a full on AFOL. So, there is the marvellous Emmet invention, the man himself, ghost, Lord Business, Benny and Unikitty in a seated position. The three human minifigures have dual expressions for mood alteration as does kitty

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Just add belief…

Queen Kate and the National Fairy Council dropped me an email late last night introducing me to the delights of the Irish Fairy Door Company, they’ve been spreading the word in the ROI to date but are now looking to set up their fluttering magical friends across homes in the …

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Election excitement

The latest Wasgij imagine puzzle from Jumbo has just hit the shelves, each one looking at fictitious outcomes of this years General Election. There’s going to be little you can do to avoid the build-up, the constant banter between those out-of-touch people in power and so let us fully embrace …

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