Monthly Archives: August 2014

Drivers, Roll Out.

We’ve just in recovery mode after a brief head-in-hands stage, the discovery of this head-slappingly simplistic solution to the age old issue of restrictive options with track layouts for car role play fanatics is right here, Road on a Roll. Designed by dad Baz Jennings. this graphic designer was frustrated …

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You’ve got Toymail

Keeping in touch with the kids as you work those 16 hour/ 7 day a week shift patterns as you try and get your new business off the ground, or are somehow unfortunate enough to be working for some company whose ethics are based on Victorian values, can be tricky. They might, after a short time forget your voice, perhaps not let you in your own home when you’ve forgotten your keys, refer to you always in third person tense - What is to be done?

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