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Bust Boxing Day Boredom with Boardgames

    Even if you are armed with a plethora of digital channels and a load of leftover turkey it isn’t enough to avoid that post present-opening angst. As elderly aunts vie with touchscreen hungry teens the family can end up evacuating the front room to avoid occupying the same square …

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Rubber Band Machine Gun hits the target on Kickstarter

rubber band machine gun

Everybody has pinged a few elastic bands in their time – it’s a classic aspect of both school days and office life. Whether it’s at the snot-bubbled kid at school, or for just casual target practice, the action of launching a rubber band is often met with the words “you …

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Mind controlled helicopters with Pacific Rim – This is Genius

Pacific Rim features giant robots and giant aliens fighting. The good guys? Jaegers, huge robots controlled by the minds of two pilots. Far fetched? Nope. It turns out that mad sci-fi stuff already exists. Seriously. We were lent a brain-controlled toy helicopter for a couple of hours, and carnage ensued. …

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