Send your Hot Wheels rides into a right spin

You may well wonder why we choses the Hot Wheels track builder unlimited triple loop kit to headline todays Toyology offering, but, go re-read the name of this marvellous plaything. Exactly. All that title for a toy that’s in medium present price land at £25 from Argos. There are three ways to build it, and each has three graduated stunt-sized loops. The whole thing stands 20 inches tall and folds up to store and each comes with Hot Wheels vehicle, but you’ll obviously need to be sending multiple cars down the track simultaneously. In the first track build send the car through all three loops, up the ramp, and into the cup, the second build is a daredevil jump through the loops and then into the cup. Finally, the gravity drop, send your ride down the long track, up the short ramp, and into the cup.

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