Robotic showdown RC style
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Robotic showdown RC style

Time to stop whatever you’re up to, speed read through this positive portrayal of this mini-remote-control-robot-set and get thee to the buy button. This is the most perfect way to settle any office disputes, pool/foosball/ping-pong tables are so very last week. Each of the bots on offer has three pieces that are detachable, aim of the game, detach your opponents three pieces. Witch Doctor has a battering ram to take on Tombstone and its spinning blade, and there are two hand activated hammers in the corner of the arena, fully walled to stop awry pieces pinging off and flying into someone from HR’s eye. Eighty quid(ish) Over HERE – And don’t tell the kids you’ve got one, this is yours, for the office, team-building, career changing, popularity gaining feed them some of that diatribe if they ask

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