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The Election special

Election fever is driving us all to the brink. Take a break with this collection of playthings with a political slant.

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Construction experience – applications open

Created by a bunch of pretty smart designers the XYZ tile concept is really rather a clever one. From their starter set, with 50 tiles inside, highly durable, easy to connect, super-strong and offering limitless play potential. Each edge has a unique pattern numbered 1-4, same numbers won’t slot together …

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Kitchen Politics

Just six weeks to go now before the UK decides, well kind of decides, who’ll be governing the country for the next five years. Deemed to be one of the closest run contests in recent history the party leaders need positive headline grabbing material, its booth policies and personalities we …

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New direction for One Direction?

Well, for now it seems they’ll continue on their tour in faraway lands as a troupe of just four, will angry Zayn devotees be unconsolable that their idol isn;t on stage and demand a 20% refund of their ticket, we doubt it, perhaps just a slightly higher squeal/scream or, for …

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Go absolutely bananas….

We were lucky enough to be on-hand to witness the first ever Bananagrams challenge over the weekend, 12 finalists gathered at the Magic Circle HQ to battle it out between each other for the crown of top banana, the tension was immense. From 15,000 school kids across the UK word-genius …

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Toilet training

Now we don;t mind a few “parp” sounds, kids find it occasionally hilarious, as do grown-ups, the Fart Blaster from Despicable Me is rather a fun toy, Doggie Doo, the terrible plasticine pooping game was a top ten toy in 2013, the Barbie and her coco-pop in appearance pooping dog …

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