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LEGO under the influence?

Are all 2016 LEGO sets influenced by video-game’s, well, are they? Let us inspect the evidence we’ve gathered at this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair. There was a time when the go-to game in the home was Lego, a time almost all children went through the rite of passage with the small plastic bricks. …

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Say hello to Tall, Curvy and Petite Barbie’s

Barbie hasn’t had a makeover on this scale for 57 years. After unrelenting requests Mattel has created a trio of new body shapes that better represent the population. In addition to the reformed plastic shapes we’re also getting a total of seven different skin tones, 22 eye colours, 24 different hairdo’s/hues. …

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Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

Every brand with a cabled product or one that takes a battery has been in Las Vegas this week at the smorgasbord of tech-ness that is CES. Whilst we’ll never bore of the multiple picture opportunities with badly dressed celebrity lookalikes, watching over-exuberant Americans whooping and a hollering at roulette …

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Most sensational

Created by the folk at Bradford Exchange in Blighty this Muppet Themed cuckoo clock has been selling out in the USofA faster than they can churn them out. So much demand in fact that here in the UK we’re not even being offered them for purchase as yet, so, you’ll …

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Final Countdown

Worry not, Rachel Riley isn’t about to leave the small screen, we’re bringing you the lowdown on advent calendars, ones we’ve previewed, it felt as though we were bringing bad luck on ourselves – the things we do! Right, so there are obviously a fair few out there, prices ranging vastly …

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