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LEGO under the influence?

Are all 2016 LEGO sets influenced by video-game’s, well, are they? Let us inspect the evidence we’ve gathered at this year’s Nuremberg Toy Fair. There was a time when the go-to game in the home was Lego, a time almost all children went through the rite of passage with the small plastic bricks. …

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Say hello to Tall, Curvy and Petite Barbie’s

Barbie hasn’t had a makeover on this scale for 57 years. After unrelenting requests Mattel has created a trio of new body shapes that better represent the population. In addition to the reformed plastic shapes we’re also getting a total of seven different skin tones, 22 eye colours, 24 different hairdo’s/hues. …

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Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

Every brand with a cabled product or one that takes a battery has been in Las Vegas this week at the smorgasbord of tech-ness that is CES. Whilst we’ll never bore of the multiple picture opportunities with badly dressed celebrity lookalikes, watching over-exuberant Americans whooping and a hollering at roulette …

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