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Celebration time, Come on….

Fans of the property trading game have voted in their droves and crowdsourced the first Monopoly set for the forthcoming – Monopoly Here & Now : World edition. Hasbro have shared their list of cities that will make up the 22 slots around the new game when it arrives in …

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Looking over a Four leaf clover

In celebration of that most celebratory of Patron Saints days we bring you a St Patricks Day treat from Toyland, a Paddy’s Day Bundle if you will, a combination of appropriately hued green goodies from Build-a-Bear and a pair of hand crafted, magic dust sprinkled, Irish Fairy Doors to install …

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Tyre squeal time – Speed Champions are here

  We’ve been getting all hot under the bonnet in anticipation for LEGO line to pull into our pit stop, our pulses revved into the red when we caught the full line-up in store earlier this week, we just wanted to get all those car based puns out of our …

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The Fairies are revolting

Some jobsworth this week decided that Fairy Doors that’ve been installed in Wayward Woods down Somerset way (200 in total) are getting out of control and are looking to have them removed – WHAT? The person responsible must have finished counting the four-leaf-clovers and dismantling the tree-swings and is moving …

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Mass hysteria is imminent – Apparently

We received a press release last week which left us a bit bemused, it told us of a new craze that had arrived in the UK and was about to rival the lofty successes previously achieved by Pokemon and Beanie Babies. “An invasion of Britain”, “millions sold in Japan and …

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DC Superheroes & Co

Now I try and avoid hoarding playthings in my house, the kids have stuff all over the place and if I were to add to this treasure collection my popularity rating would plummet with her-who-should-be-listened-to and, ultimately, my stuff cast in a box anyway. My garage however is a hoarders …

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